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Design Director and Pro Label Studio winner Gary Page believes in the future of labelling

The winner of UPM Raflatac’s Pro Label Studio competition, Design Director Gary Page from AD Creative in London, believes that labelling continues to be in a vital role in the packaging business also in future.

"There’s so much that can be done with packaging nowadays, and different techniques have different benefits. Labelling is more cost-effective, and gives you more freedom regarding your packaging manufacturer,” Page says. “Embossing and different special effects allow for very innovative product labels. Different technologies can obviously be used in various combinations where their qualities complement each other.”


Online design tools, such as Pro Label Studio, help designers to preview and experiment with various self-adhesive label materials.

“Pro Label Studio is a very useful tool if you want to visualize different finishes and get a better idea of what can be done with different types of face materials. It can also help you demonstrate new ideas to your customers,” Page says.


Gary Page has been working for AD Creative, an esteemed London-based design company, for 25 years. The company has worked for many big names, such as the Dixons Group, Marks & Spencer, and Coca Cola. AD Creative has designed, for example, the recent Coke glass campaign at McDonald’s for the Olympics both in the UK and Europe.


Page participated in a prize draw for UPM Raflatac’s Pro Label Studio competition and won a weekend trip to World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. He visited the design capital in August, staying at the design hotel Klaus K and cruising the city streets with a brand new BMW. UPM and BMW are corporate partners of the design year.


About UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac, part of UPM’s Engineered Materials business group, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of self-adhesive label materials. UPM Raflatac has a global service network consisting of 13 factories on six continents and a broad network of sales offices and slitting and distribution terminals worldwide. UPM Raflatac employs 2,400 people and made sales of over EUR 1.1 billion in 2011. Further information is available at


About Pro Label Studio

Pro Label Studio is UPM Raflatac’s online label studio where designers can preview and experiment with various label materials. The site also highlights UPM Raflatac’s Prototype Selection, which offers fresh combinations of colour and texture for creative label solutions. Visit the website at


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