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Greater versatility in packaging print - Atlantic Zeiser exhibits efficient coding solutions at FachPack 2012

Unlimited format variety and packaging types combined with individual coding and faster makeready will be the focus of Atlantic Zeiser's presence at FachPack in Nuremberg from 25 to 27 September in Hall 4, Stand 117. As well as the added value that packaging solutions can provide when coding variable formats on a production line it will showcase new software solutions for product tracking and protection against forgery (PMP track & trace).

The Atlantic Zeiser Group, a leading developer and supplier of modules and total system solutions for industrial digital and security printing, will demonstrate at FachPack 2012 how virtually any type of packaging can be printed with greater efficiency, security and versatility using sector-specific coding and individualisation solutions. This guarantees users a maximum degree of flexibility in implementing different print jobs. The loads on the packaging print systems are also optimised when changing print jobs thanks to the shorter makeready times.



Using the example of the modular design DIGILINE VERSA first exhibited at FachPack, Atlantic Zeiser will present the additional business opportunities that can be achieved thanks to the inexhaustible variety in efficient printing, coding and individualising even for small batch sizes or 3D packaging. The DIGILINE VERSA is based on a new modular concept. The modification to individual customer requirements in coding packaging in different formats with variable data is carried out via the modular integration of machine components such as the feeder and waste gate on a newly developed transport unit. This new transport unit features even quieter running and in combination with DoD inkjet technology from Atlantic Zeiser, ensures unrivalled quality of printed image in the coding marketplace. The visual appearance is a critical factor for cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, especially in terms of protecting brand value.

In addition to the sophisticated DIGILINE VERSA, focus at FachPack 2012 will be placed on the PMP software solution (Production Management Platform). The demand for comprehensive solutions for product traceability (track & trace), protection against forgery (anti-counterfeiting/anti-diversion) as well as overcoming grey market products has not only risen appreciably due to legal and financial requirements; it also establishes a need for ever more comprehensive software solutions for controlling production and distribution processes down the entire supply chain right through to the end customers.

New module for Track & Trace

Atlantic Zeiser will exhibit its new software module, PMP Track & Trace, designed specifically to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors that enables secure product tracking and forgery protection. The PMP-production module can also be used to control all levels in modern, streamlined and high performance production, identification and logistics processes. The basis for both modules is provided by the scalable software platform, PMP.

This control software from Atlantic Zeiser can be smoothly integrated with existing and higher-level standard business software systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or used on its own as an MES solution.PMP uses interfaces to access relevant data in all production levels and makes it available as required in real-time during every individual process stage. In addition to the higher level control of different production levels, PMP also provides individual reports and audit functions as well as an integrated random number generator for the creation of unique product ID codes.

Authentications and real-time checks are indispensable these days with comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions in every sector of industry. The control of the production and distribution process as well as the seamless traceability are at the heart of this type of solution. The PMP-production and PMP Track & Trace modules cover all steps within these processes an extension from generating unique identification codes, to coding legally or industrially required packaging identification as well as products with individual data through to shipping and checking by the end customer.

PMP Track & Trace

The PMP Track & Trace software module logs all actions of every production unit or machine integrated into the production process. This ensures that all data and information on the contents used and their batches, on machines, production lines, manufacturing sites as well as on shipping, destination and customers are recorded and tracked consistently. In addition, all actions are assigned reliable time stamps providing seamless traceability and reconstruction of the production process. Derived properties like the expiry date or unique identification features such as serial numbers are linked directly to the corresponding product packaging. A random number generator ensures the allocation of a unique serial number or a corresponding code. This ensures full product traceability based on the identification features assigned. Details on the packaging data then provides sufficient information for the verification process across the entire production and supply chain. The latest interface solutions guarantee real-time data exchange.



Real-time verification processes

PMP Track & Trace also provides secure interfaces for the actual verification processes that permit the transfer of exported product codes across various media (e.g. secure internet connection/dedicated line, GSM, etc.). PMP Track & Trace verifies that the codes received are genuine, and returns the result immediately. The data transfers are encrypted and carried out in real-time. This means that modern media such as smartphones can also be used and the verification processes can be initiated from any location.

AZ Trust Center

To generate serial numbers or grey market codes, the services of a Trust Center are often used, in particular when the folding boxes in question are being printed by a supplier. Atlantic Zeiser operates its own AZ Trust Center that guarantees unique codes for long time intervals, as well as the secure storage and management of the codes and numbers. This greatly simplifies the processes within the production site as the site is no longer required to generate these codes - and ensure their uniqueness - in-house.

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