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IN-MOLD LABELING AND PRODUCT DECORATION: AWA hosts the annual industry forum

In-mold labeling and product decoration is the topic addressed at the IMLCON™ and IMDCON™ Conference and Exhibition, organized annually by AWA Conferences & Events. Taking place this year in Chicago at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel, October 4-5, this international event is the only dedicated platform for the in-mold industry. Material suppliers, converters, machine producers, technology suppliers, and brand owners are the target audience, and end users are invited to take up the organizers’ offer to participate in the event free of charge.
Market and technology trends
Now in its twentieth year, the IMLCON and IMDCON Conference and Exhibition is the established forum for drawing together the industry’s value chain for an update on technology developments and market trends, opportunities, and challenges.
The formal conference agenda features a strong program of expert papers, commencing with a presentation from Clare Goldsberry of Modern Plastics Worldwide addressing the complex topic of what it will take to bring IML and IMD into the mainstream packaging and product decoration markets. The balance of the program investigates a variety of aspects of this broad-ranging subject.
Corey M Reardon, President and CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates, provides an in-depth overview of the current status of the in-mold labeling market. Boa Technology Inc, with its patented closure system for the sporting industry, is looking to use in-mold technology for these products, and Product Design Engineer Eric Irwin delivers his project brief to the industry. Dr Laura Bix of Michigan State University’s School of Packaging discusses the interaction between packaging and the consumer. Environmental consultancy Tickety Boo’s Mark Shayler delivers his vision of eco-design for packaging in the circular economy, while PwC’s Ian Murdoch discusses whether ‘sustainable packaging’ is a myth or a reality.
The key topic of retail shelf ‘stand out’ for product packaging, and how the many choices in IML materials and capabilities can enhance it, are introduced by Yupo USA’s Bill Hewitt.
In-mold technology challenges and opportunities
Mark Dirr of XTEN Industries charts the IML/IMD odyssey and the challenges it presents for designers, project managers, and processors, while Stephen Boyd of Systems Labelling introduces a recent breakthrough in removable in-mold labels, and Keith Bechard of Entropex – one of North America’s largest PP recyclers – demonstrates the value of such labels in the recycling arena. Jes Gram of Gram Technology Inc shows how – for both high- and low-volume projects – thin wall and barrier applications for IML are now justifying the use of the technology in many new product areas. A competitive technology, direct-to-product inkjet, and its likely future in product identification and decoration, is also discussed in a paper from Clayton Sampson of Cyan Tec.
Completing the program are a panel discussion, networking breaks, visits to the complementary exhibition, and a cocktail reception on the first evening courtesy of Platinum Event Sponsors Marbach.
Also sponsoring the event are Eastman, Illig, and Yupo, and leading media in the plastics and packaging industries, including Converting Quarterly, Label & Narrow Web, PFFC, Plastics Decorating, and Plastics Today.
Register online
Full details of IMLCON & IMDCON 2012 are available via the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website,, where it is also possible to register online or book an exhibitor booth, and for end users to apply for complimentary event passes.