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No chance for counterfeit toll fee stickers: CarSecure by Schreiner PrinTrust provides immediate proof of authenticity

Toll fee sticker sales peak during the summer vacation period and toll fees are an important source of government revenue. But product pirates use counterfeit toll fee stickers for their illegal business as well. Not being deterred by embedded security features such as simple holograms, they can inflict major losses on the public purse. Schreiner PrinTrust is now using a new counterfeit protection feature for fast, automatic authentication of toll fee stickers by monitoring authorities. Although the CarSecure specialty pigment is invisible to the human eye its presence in the sticker can be demonstrated through the windshield by means of a reader.

Car Secure

Up to now, the filtering properties of many windshields made it impossible for inspectors to automatically check the stickers on the inside of the windshields using readers. The CarSecure specialty pigment now allows them to authenticate toll fee stickers, parking permits or fine dust stickers on vehicles. The checks are performed directly on location by means of a special handheld spectroscope. The mobile reader is simply placed on top of the windshield sticker and activated. An optical and an acoustical signal then clearly indicate whether the sticker is an original or a fake. 


CarSecure guarantees high-level counterfeit protection. The specialty pigment can be inconspicuously embedded in the label using various printing techniques without requiring any graphic design changes. The material is highly UV-resistant and durable. For additional tamper evidence of the label, other security features such as kiss-cuts or covert VOID messages may be integrated as well.