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Pageflex 8.0 Brings the Power of Pageflex to New Regions Around the Globe

Pageflex®, the international supplier of printing and marketing automation solutions, today announces the release of Pageflex 8.0. This release includes new globalization features that localize all aspects of the software and give print and marketing service providers everything they need to successfully deploy an online store that’s usable across languages, cultures, and currencies. Available now, Pageflex 8.0 also includes features that support better web-to-print site management and simplify the process of promoting products through social media and SEO.


With Pageflex 8.0, the Pageflex Storefront, Server, Campaign Manager, and Studio products and documentation have been translated into 10 languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and both traditional and simplified Chinese. These applications also have been engineered to enable product owners to commission almost any other language upon request, and to easily undertake localization of user-facing web interfaces on their own. 


Matthew Warren, Web Developer at Pageflex customer aislelogic®, beta tested the new software, and had this to say about the new release:

"At aislelogic, we create point of purchase marketing solutions that help our clients bridge relationships between the shopper and the brands at point-of-sale. We've used Pageflex to develop clients’ sites where they can customize and produce these point-of-purchase materials. One such site offers duplicate items in French and in English. The emails sent to these customers also include English and French translations. Developing and maintaining these sites in two languages was time consuming and a cumbersome process. The release of Pageflex 8.0 gives us the tools to translate the whole site into the language of the end user, and to provide communications such as email in the same language. Having this localization ability helps us to streamline our site development and better meet the needs of our customers."


Additional new features in Pageflex 8.0 include:

Improved Tools for Monitoring Site Status and Activity

Pageflex Storefront 8.0 includes a new dashboard that provides customers with a graphical display of the information they need to manage their sites. The dashboard includes widgets that display information about current site activity, for example the number of items in various queues such as orders that need attention, approval, or are ready for shipping. At the dashboard, users also can view historical data such as top-selling products and revenue figures.


For Storefront customers with multiple deployments, Pageflex 8.0 also offers a web-based tool that aggregates status and performance information from multiple sites and displays that data on the dashboard.


Social Media Integrations and SEO

Pageflex Storefront 8.0 improves customers’ ability to leverage social media and search engine optimization (SEO). New settings in the Storefront administrator give Pageflex customers the ability to let their site visitors “like” or recommend individual products through their favorite social media sites. Pageflex customers also can link their branded Storefronts to the social media sites where those brands are promoted.


In addition, Pageflex Storefront 8.0 provides built-in tools for making products more easily found by search engine robots to improve organic search rankings for those products.


Enhanced APIs

Pageflex's robust APIs have been enhanced to take advantage of the new globalization features available in Pageflex 8.0.

Pageflex 8.0 also provides updates to Pageflex Studio and enhanced JDF functionality. More details on these features can be found on the Pageflex blog.



Pageflex 8.0 gives you everything you need to set up a deploy an online store that’s usable across languages, cultures, and currencies. Pictured here is a German language Storefront.




With Pageflex 8.0, all Pageflex products and documentation have been translated into 10 languages



About Pageflex

Pageflex pioneered the concepts of variable data and web-to-print storefronts, and has expanded to offer software for multi-channel campaign management, dynamic publishing, and back-end production automation. Pageflex solutions use the patented Pageflex variable publishing engine and Adobe® InDesign®.

Pageflex enables companies across the globe to communicate their marketing messages more easily and effectively. The award-winning Pageflex product line sets the standard for excellence and innovation in targeted marketing and brand management. Pageflex offers the ability to personalize any form of communication in print, e-mail, or on the Web.