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UL announces its new In-Mold Label Program at Label Expo 2012

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a world leader in advancing safety science is announcing its rollout of the new In-Mold Labeling Certification Program. This new program is part of its expanding Marking and Labeling Systems Certification offerings.


In-mold labeling has been used widely and for many years in decorating and providing information on all kinds of consumer products sold in plastic containers, such as food, cosmetics, even cleaning supplies.  To accommodate the use of in-mold labels on durable goods submitted to UL for certification, UL developed a Marking & Labeling System Recognition program specifically for in-mold labels.


The UL In-Mold Label (IML) program is designed to support label manufacturers and their customers who use IMLs to display safety-related information on UL certified products.  In this program samples of IMLs are evaluated in accordance with the same safety standards used to evaluated pressure-sensitive labels, including the Standard for Marking & Labeling Systems, UL 969 and the CSA Standard for Adhesive Labels, C22.2 No. 0.15.  Customers that meet UL's certification requirements will fall under the product categories of Marking and Labeling Systems - In-Mold Labels (PGIM2) and/or Marking and Labeling Systems - In-Mold Labels Certified for Canada (PGIM8).  The first products to meet these new requirements and achieve UL Recognition are manufactured by The Standard Register Company.


"At UL, we understand how important it is to convey critical safety information to consumers, and for over four decades we have been working with label manufacturers to test and certify their labels for safe use. As new label types have come to market, UL has developed new programs to ensure that safety marking on products continue to comply with applicable performance requirements" said Manish Bhatnagar, vice president and GM, UL Global Chemicals Industry. "As a result we are excited to announce our new In-mold Label Testing Program, and are pleased to have Standard Register be the first customer to meet these new requirements."


"The Standard Register Company is trusted by the world's leading companies to advance their reputations by aligning their communications with corporate standards and priorities," said Steve McDonell, vice president, Engineering and Sustainability for Standard Register. "By participating in this new program Standard Register demonstrates its commitment to help our customers communicate warning information and provide durable and attractive additions to their products using in-mold labels that meet UL rigorous permanence of marking requirements."

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