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Chronografisk in Denmark trebles plate output with the installation of a KODAK MAGNUS 800 QUANTUM Platesetter and KODAK SONORA XP Process

Chronografisk has installed a KODAK  MAGNUS 800 QUANTUM Platesetter imaging KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates to increase productivity and raise its environmental credentials. The Danish company and its sister companies and ScandinavianBook comprise one of the largest commercial print production organizations in the Nordic region. Based in Aarhus, Denmark and with an impressive multi-product offering, fronts the operation offering a digital and offset printing service online. Established in 2005, Chronografisk provides a portfolio of offset print services with a wide array of finishing whilst ScandinavianBook covers the digital book production market. Each sister company specializes in short runs and a fast turnaround time. The company is seeing a growth rate of 20% year on year.


Mads Bindslev

Mads Bindslev, Pre-Press Manager at Chronografisk says, “We have used Kodak’s CTP Technology, KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System and KODAK COLORFLOW Software for some years. We started our business with a KODAK LOTEM Platesetter which is still very much in action. Our relationship with Kodak is very professional. “We see them as market leaders.  Their CTP equipment is the best in the field in our opinion. The installation of the MAGNUS 800 Platesetter was an automatic choice for our requirements. Kodak also provides service and support at a high level.  We have a team of Kodak technicians on-site at present working alongside us like partners – part of the team. They will stay with us until we are fully satisfied with the results.

CTP in action – utilizing the SONORA XP Plate

“We are now using the KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plate on both devices,” explains Mads Bindslev. “Kodak examined our business model and at first advised us to continue using our original KODAK CTP – the LOTEM Platesetter - but with SONORA XP Plates thus having a backup option without adding extra developer. But we decided in unison to opt for the KODAK SONORA XP Plates on both CTPs and therefore simplify logistics. With the LOTEM Platesetter and the new MAGNUS 800 Platestetter working in harness we can achieve 80 plates per hour – 60 on the MAGNUS Platestetter and 20 on the LOTEM Platesetter. These production levels are changing our business and raising the bar. There is of course the additional benefit of being completely chemistry free in an environmentally clean production space. By taking out the variable (the developer) in prepress, we have even better process control and can maintain stability and reliability in full plate production.”

Using one plate - the KODAK SONORA XP Plates - has changed daily business at Chronografisk. The platemakers are now reporting how pleased they are with the choice of the new plate. “The plate and pressminders were very hesitant at first as it is new technology to them,” continues Mads Bindslev. “They have had to adapt to a new routine but now they find it easy. We had to show our staff the benefits, but once they could see that the KODAK SONORA XP Plate is robust and reliable and works like any other plate, they are more than delighted with the results.”

Chronografisk is seeing the advantages of the KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plate - no chemistry and high quality resolution, accuracy and repeatability every time. The SONORA XP Plate is proving to be a very stable plate and it was a simple switch from old to new. Bindslev says, “The transfer to the KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plate has changed our working lives. We have all the advantages of higher productivity levels and amazing quality plates with the added bonus this technology brings us. We are using KODAK COLORFLOW Software to align colour across the devices. This gives us integrated colour control within the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow system. We also use KODAK Ink Optimizer with KODAK COLORFLOW Software, saving ink consumption while keeping the integrity of the images.”

Addressing the environment

Chronografisk has selected the KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter and the KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plate to satisfy its environmental aims as well as raise productivity levels.  As a large production company the organization believes it has an obligation to protect the environment and works consistently toward the Nordic Eco Label, EU Eco Label and FSC Trademark standards in all respects. The company works and conforms to European colour control standards and employs and trains its staff to the highest levels of skill and expertise. The forward thinking company has a policy to hire experienced operators and provides a continuous training package for them.  They believe skills and experience are fundamental to high quality product production.

Most jobs are offset batch printing or ‘job ganging’ printing multiple customer jobs on one sheet.  Every facet of the business is devoted to minimizing the impact on the environment.  “We have to be well organized,” says Bindslev. “Logistics are tight but having many customers’ jobs on one sheet does promote efficiencies, minimize waste and save time.  We also use ‘job ganging’ methods when we print covers for the book production line for ScandinavianBook and the online orders for”

Lighting, heating and recycling are all addressed as part of the company’s environmental policy.  The prepress and printing house is at the forefront of technology and decreasing its environmental footprint in production. Now employing 28 staff, Chronografisk has recently moved to a new site doubling its square footage and capacity to meet the region’s significant increase in demand for short run on-demand high quality print.

Customer Care

Company policy at Chronografisk dictates that all customers should be treated equally. They  are dealing day to day with diverse businesses across different markets.  “We do things a little differently,” explains Bindslev. “We have skilled personnel especially in colour management and design - they respond to our customers’ requests and immediately set up a proposal to make sure the customer has an open channel of communication. We then work with the customer and ensure that we provide our expertise and support while keeping the discussions and options as simple as possible. What is so encouraging is that we are continuing to build our business through trust and customer relationships. Having the latest technology and confidence in our ability to deliver the job makes sure that we are giving our customer the best possible service. With Kodak as a partner we know we are strong and have the support to grow our business.”

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