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Edale exhibit at BPIF Carton Conference

Edale are first time exhibitors at the upcoming BPIF Carton Conference held at the Business Design Centre in Islington,
London taking place on 3-4 November 2012. This is the third event organised for the UK carton industry by the BPIF, and one
that Edale are very pleased to support.

The event is based around the conference with numerous speakers from various brands speaking on a variety of subjects, the
primary aim of the conference being to focus on the benefits that cartons offer through the different steps of the supply chain.
Although Edale are not taking part on the speakers’ board, they will be on hand as supporting exhibitors to give visitors the
opportunity to learn more about their range of flexographic printing and converting equipment aimed specifically at the carton

Neal Whipp, BPIF Cartons – General Manager stated “This event will provide an unmatched networking opportunity and will be
relevant to all parts of the supply chain – from suppliers to the carton industry to packaging specifiers”

Edale, UK manufacturers of web fed flexo presses and converting equipment have developed a single pass folding carton
production line ideal for cost effective short run cartons achieved with the Edale Gamma and the FDC-510, web fed flatbed die
cutting machine, which they will have information and samples about during the show.





The FDC-510 has been manufactured to run in line with the Edale Gamma or an existing flexo or digital press – or to an
unwind stand for offline conversion of conventionally or digitally pre-printed webs, ideal for short runs from 1,000 to 100,000

There are many benefits to the FDC-510; reduced tooling costs by up to 90% compared to solid rotary tooling, jobs can be set
up in less than ten minutes and the machine has the ability to cut, crease and braille emboss with a single tool – making for a
revolution in short run folding cartons!