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Edale sell FDC-510, web fed flatbed die cutter for folding cartons, into Nigeria

Masterstroke Packages Ltd, a Nigerian based printing and converting company have recently installed
an Edale FDC-510 web fed flatbed die cutter to sit alongside their five other Edale printing presses and
converting machines.

Masterstroke started out as a dedicated carton package printing company back in 1989, and since then
have grown to be a leader in the field of packaging and security printing, employing over 300 people,
working across two plants on a 24/7 production schedule. The company produce a range of applications
over a wide variety of sectors including telephone recharge cards and scratch off vouchers, package
printing and labels for beauty and cosmetics, and have a particularly strong presence in the food and
beverage market.

The FDC-510 joins Masterstroke’s existing range of Edale presses and will add a significant increase in
capacity for the production of a variety of different solutions. The new machine was retrofitted and runs
inline with the companies’ older Edale Sigma press for the production of dedicated short run folding carton


FDC510 Cut Out

The FDC-510 is ideal for short run folding cartons between 1,000 – 100,000 units and combines the best
of sheet fed flatbed die cutting technology with a cutting edge servo driven constant tension web transport
system, creating a highly efficient single pass line. The flatbed die cutter boasts cutting tool changeover
times of under 15 minutes, reduces tooling costs by up to 90% (when compared to solid rotary tooling)
and is ultra efficient as it comes in a 510mm width, runs at 10,000 units per hour and can nest products
up to five across to ensure that material wastage is kept to a complete minimum. The machine can be
retrofitted to an existing press or to an unwind stand for offline conversion.

Dotun Magbagbeola, Owner of Masterstroke says “Our production facility operates 24 hours a day in an effort
to meet customer demand and keep lead times down. We combine both state-of-the-art equipment, in the form of the
Edale presses, alongside skilled personnel to ensure superior print quality to our customers. We have witnessed a
change in the packaging needs in the country, and this is where we made the decision to purchase the Edale Flatbed
Die Cutter as it seemed the perfect fit running in line with our Sigma press – we are thrilled with not only the quality
of the products it has been producing, but also the efficiency”