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INX Digital to sponsor EcoPrint Europe

As a longtime ambassador of creating and developing environmentally friendly and sustainable products for the printing industry, INX Digital International has embraced the opportunity to be directly involved in an important new event. The company will be the official Hub and Research sponsor of EcoPrint Europe 2012, to be held September 26-27 at The Station in Berlin.

EcoPrint Europe 2012 is being billed as the world’s first event designed to provide solutions for sustainable media production. A focused forum promoting sustainability for brands, agencies, print buyers and print service providers, the goal is to unite and educate the supply chain from manufacturers through to brand owners.

The EcoPrint Hub that INX Digital is sponsoring is a networking area for visitors and exhibitors to share ideas and make new connections. INX Digital is also supporting the EcoPrint White Papers, which are designed to provide the EcoPrint community with insight and direction for sustainability.

“INX Digital International has supported a sustainability agenda and corporate responsibility for the environment for nearly 15 years. Being involved with an event such as EcoPrint Europe is a natural fit for us,” said Paolo Capano, Director of INX Digital Italy.

“Our mission begins with our Research & Development team, taking into consideration what is best for the planet in terms of using raw materials and its impact on the environment. We have an impressive roster of green, sustainable products that includes the TRIANGLE™ brand of EDX ECO inks, DTX Textile inks and the Eco Bulk ink delivery system, to name a few. INX Digital continues to progress with a multi-year plan to develop more sustainable and environmental friendly products, and we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge with visitors to EcoPrint Europe.”

EDX is INX Digital’s widely popular line of ECO solvent inks. Both EDX and the DTX Textile inks have been a huge success for INX Digital’s Aftermarket ink channel. Eco Bulk is an easy-to-use ink delivery system that consists of one box of 100 percent recycled material instead of five, 440 ml cartridges. The ink is housed within a foil bag and once emptied, the bag is disposed of and replaced, a much more sustainable approach compared to plastic. The foil bag can contain up to two liters of ink, which is double the current industry standard of one liter packaging and results in less waste. INX Digital International Co. is a leading global manufacturer of inkjet inks for wide format, super-wide and new generation digital printers, and a supplier of printing parts and related services. As the digital arm of INX International Ink Co., it offers a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced technologies and integrated services including chemistry, hardware and software, engineering design, and integration and media. For more information, visit the Web site at