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Jotun adopts X-Rite Ci51 colour matching technology for paint retailers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa

Jotun A/S will be offering the Ci51 paint matching spectrophotometer made by X-Rite Europe GmbH to all its customers using the Jotun Multicolor concept in more than 80 countries, to improve and simplify paint matching of custom-mixed decorative paints.

Jotun have choosen the Ci51 as their main spectrophotometer to give distributors of its paints the best available technology for colour matching of inspiration items. The new instrument precisely measures the colours of paint chips, textiles, plastics, paper and other inspiration items, and then formulates the colours of paints with an high degree of accuracy.

“The Jotun Multicolor concept is present in more than 7,000 shops worldwide providing customers a state of the art in-shop paint tinting system. We want to provide added value to our customers with tools that simplify the process of choosing colours, with a stated goal of providing a custom-selected paint in a matter of minutes,” said Torgeir Asker Bringeland, Category Manager at Jotun Multicolor. Together with the Ci51, Jotun offers a  portable version of X-Rite's RM200 handheld spectrocolourimeter; the Jotun Colour Eye.


XRI_Jotun Jotun also uses its own version of X-Rite’s RM200, named the Jotun Colour Eye, to support their customers in paint shops.

Brunella Fornasari, Director of Business Development and Strategic Accounts at X-Rite, said paint retailers that adopt the Ci51 technology will see benefits in improved colour matching accuracy, simplicity of use and ease of calibration.

The new lightweight design has visual and audio signals that indicate when measurements have been taken properly and adjustments that allow store personnel to take measurements on hard-to-handle samples. The Ci51 embedded NetProfiler 3 software allows the instrument to be calibrated remotely and optimised for colour measuring performance. With its new USB connection, the instrument can be installed in seconds.

Consistent with its role as a worldwide leader in colour matching equipment, X-Rite provides unparalled support for its products such as the Ci51 throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Fornasari said Jotun's designation of X-Rite's Ci51 as the preferred method of measuring colours at their Multicolor Centres deepens the existing relationship between the two companies.

"We are very pleased that Jotun decided that X-Rite again provided the best solution to the colour measurement needs of their distributors, and ultimately the end-users of Jotun products," Fornasari said.