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Kodak Shares Technologies and Strategies for Successful Criminal Prosecution at Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit

Kodak is helping brand owners gain the upper hand in criminal cases aimed at stopping fraud and counterfeiting. This week at the Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit, Kodak explains how during a panel discussion, “Building Successful Criminal Cases to Combat Counterfeiting and Fraud.” Kevin Harrell, Kodak’s Director of Global Commercial Business for Security Solutions, will discuss how companies can use technology to forensically distinguish legitimate from counterfeit products and packaging and prevent diversion of goods within the supply chain. The panel begins at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 20, at Sentry Centers in New York.

      “Brand owners can implement multiple technology solutions to strengthen their brand protection strategy and give them an advantage over criminal networks,” said Harrell. “These systems help brand owners detect and seize counterfeit products or diverted shipments, which can later serve as compelling evidence in a criminal case.”



      Kodak works with major companies around the world to implement both layered overt and covert brand protection security features within packaging, inks, substrates, plastics and directly in product materials. Its proven solutions are used by major pharmaceutical, health and beauty, consumer product and luxury goods manufacturers.

      Kodak’s portfolio of brand protection solutions enables customers to combat both counterfeiting and diversion. Brand owners can use Kodak’s portfolio to strengthen their defenses by integrating multiple technologies such as invisible product authentication, overt or visible artwork-based authentication, anti-diversion markers and product serialization with track and trace system capabilities.   Kodak’s flagship line of security solutions, the KODAK TRACELESS System, now includes visible color inks that can be printed in-house on an end-of-line continuous inkjet printer. The inks provide brand owners with a variety of custom colors and eliminate the need to add an extra printer to an existing line.

      “In addition to preventative measures, we also want to help brand owners recapture lost revenue related to instances of counterfeiting, fraud and diversion,” said Harrell. “Kodak’s technology provides brand owners with a comprehensive strategy that is flexible enough to respond to the evolving and oncoming threats of criminal activity.”