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Lao Brewery sees KHS as part of its success story and reinvests. 98% Market Share for Beer and 60% for Water

Breweries don't get much closer to their country than Lao Brewery Co., Ltd. to the Lao People's Democratic Republic. This is demonstrated by the fact that with its Beerlao brand Lao Brewery has a 98% share of the beer market in its native Laos. This share amounts to a consumption of 30 liters per head per year – with the figure at 83 liters for the capital of Vientiane – even though the average per capita income for Laos is just € 820 per annum.

Over the past few decades KHS technology has been part of Lao Brewery's persistent success as the brewery for the country and its people, which helps to finance comprehensive social projects. The company first invested in a keg line from KHS in the early 1990s. Successive investments in four turnkey glass lines were to follow. The oldest is now 20 years old and, thanks to regular servicing by KHS specialists and the sole use of original KHS spare parts, it's still in top working order.

Kissana Vongsay, the managing director of Lao Brewery Co., Ltd., explains why, on making his most recent purchase, it had to be KHS yet again. "Right from the start we've had nothing but outstanding experience both with KHS engineering and KHS' services. For us, KHS is simply a first-class company. When it came to investing in a new turnkey PET line for water, as always only the best was good enough for us." The brewery has been active in the sale of bottled water since 2000. With its Tigerhead brand, 60% of the Lao water market is in the hands of Lao Brewery. For the future Vongsay is reckoning on a yearly plus of 30% in its water segment. By 2015 this would mean that the sales figures for water would be almost half of those for beer.

So that it is fully equipped to cater for the growing demand Lao has invested in a water line that can output 45,000 0.6 and 0.35-liter, and 20,000 1.5-liter PET bottles per hour. KHS provided the plant with plenty of advice on the necessary technology, for instance on the design of the bottles and labels. An InnoPET BloFill monoblock forms the heart of the line, comprising an InnoPET Blomax Series IV stretch blow molder and an Innofill NV filler. Further system highlights are an Innoket 360 labeling machine with a tamper-evident seal applicator, an Innopack PPZ packer, and an Innopal PBL1N1 palletizer.

For the future Lao Brewery is planning to branch out in several new directions. For example, they are considering including juice, energy drinks, tea beverages, and flavored waters etc. in their product portfolio. Specialties such as beer with a cherry or strawberry flavor for a young target group are also destined for market.