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New AWA report identifies potential across the different labelling technologies in Asia

AWA Alexander Watson Associates have extended their portfolio of in-depth regional sourcebooks covering the world’s labeling markets with thelatest edition of their Labeling Markets: Asian Market Study & Sourcebook 2012. Providing up-to-the-minute data on all the major labeling technologies, the report provides an overview that will benefit labelstock producers, material suppliers and, indeed all companies involved in the product decoration and identification value chain.

Market facts

World demand for labels, by region, is now dominated by the Asia Pacific region, which commands 34% of the market. In the Asia Pacific region, glue-applied labeling technologies still take the major technology share at 38%, although pressure-sensitive labels now claim a 34% share. Prime label applications are the main growth driver, particularly for beverages and food. China (at 42% of the regional market) and India are today the most active markets for labels, but there remains huge growth potential in Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia, and Oceania.


The AWA sourcebook documents regional preferences in label materials – paper and film – and identifies trends and forecast growth levels in the medium term for glue-applied; pressure-sensitive; heat shrink, stretch, and RFS/ROSO™ MD shrink sleeves; and in-mold technologies. This data is set in the context of macro market drivers, raw materials price issues, and environmental concerns.

Regional company directory

The report concludes with a directory of companies active within the region in the fields of press, die, test equipment and inks manufacture; label film and paper and release base paper suppliers; and printers.

Labeling Markets: Asian Market Study & Sourcebook 2012 is a timely evaluation of a lynchpin in today’s global manufacturing markets. It is available now to order via the AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ website,, where details of all published reports and the company’s complementary schedule of conferences and events are also available.