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New HERMA recycled labels

The new recycled labels produced by HERMA make it especially easy for resellers to bid for and win contracts. Not only do they carry the Blue Angel (German certification for eco-friendly products and services), which is being demanded by more and more public authorities and institutions. But their exceptional whiteness and outstanding purity give them great prominence too. ISO whiteness of 97% (CIE 133) gives the paper a very distinctive look alongside regular grey and greyish recycled products. This outcome is achieved through careful selection of the waste paper before production and special processing entirely without chlorine bleach. The surface, moreover, is extremely consistent, which is one of the fundamental requirements for obtaining the best print quality with practically any machine, from laser and inkjet printers to copiers – black-and-white and colour. At the same time, the label paper is very opaque. The Blue Angel, which is thought to be the oldest eco-certificate worldwide, was awarded to the HERMA recycled labels because both the paper and the liner are produced entirely from waste paper.


Blue Angel Exceptionally white and pure: The new HERMA recycled labels bearing the Blue Angel mark offer ISO whiteness of 97% (CIE 133) and herald the end of greyish papers.

Pro-environmental portfolio strategy

The whiteness of the HERMA range is exceptional for the recycled label segment, but achieved without the addition of chlorine bleach or other optical brighteners. And since the adhesive is water-based, it contains neither solvents, nor plasticizers, nor acids. As a consequence, the labels are also suitable for direct food contact. And after use, disposal with general waste paper is not a problem. The range of HERMA recycled labels comprises 16 top-quality grades in packs of 100 sheets. Their applications include addressing, labelling, and naming files. For more information see

The HERMA recycled labels carrying the Blue Angel seal represent the latest building block in the label specialist's pro-environmental portfolio strategy. Among HERMA's previous eco-friendly product launches are the carbon-neutral HERMA PREMIUM labels, available in 133 formats, and it has also vigorously pursued the use of PEFC-certified label papers sourced from controlled sustainable forests. Applications manager Thomas Riedl insists, "There are many sustainable ways of managing natural resources, and our trading partners can always deliver an appropriate environment-friendly solution, no matter which course a user wishes to adopt."