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Polyonics High Performance Label Materials to be on Display at Label Expo Chicago

Polyonics will exhibit its full line of halogen free, REACH & RoHS compliant label materials at the upcoming Label Expo show in Chicago, Illinois September 11th-13th in booth #3616.

Visitors to our booth will learn firsthand about pressure sensitive material solutions for electronics, automotive, aerospace and metals processing industries.  Furthermore, visitors will be educated about LSE polyesters and adhering to textured plastics, woven nylon material for cryogenic applications, antistatic protection, flame retardant properties and the benefits of using aluminum labels for the most unique high temperature applications.

Label materials to be on display include:

  • Polyonics nylon label products designed for laboratory identification of test tubes and vials are essential for cryogenic applications.  These materials are also utilized in the electrical industry for wire and cable marking applications.
  • Two and four mil polyester label materials are cost effective solutions for under the hood parts identification.  The adhesive systems on these products were engineered to adhere to low surface energy plastics and metals commonly found in the automotive industry.
  • Polyonics' printed circuit board label materials have proven to exceed the harshest requirements found in the lead free reflow and wave solder environments for the PCB and component processing.  The antistatic materials meet all the durability and standards of our high temperature product line with added features; low peel voltage, low surface resistivity and quick static decay time.
  • Flame retardant properties ensure that label materials manufactured at Polyonics do not act as a source of fuel for propagating fire. Polyimide (XF-603) and polyester (XF-604) label materials have been tested and recognized to meet the UL94 standard for flammability.
  • Polyonics' high temperature aluminum label material has been proven to survive in extreme temperatures found in the metals processing industry.  Labeling ingots, coils & plates where application temperatures reaches 600C.


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