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Polyonics New Product Innovations a Hit at Label Expo 2012

Polyonics release of two new families of high performance label products was a huge success at Label Expo Chicago 2012.  Thank you for stopping by and learning firsthand about all of Polyonics materials

  • Our new, ultra-thick polyester label material was heavily promoted and well received by all visitors looking for identification labels for the automotive industry.  The XF-456, a 4 mil PET with a 3 mil aggressive acrylic PSA is designed to adhere to low surface energy, smooth and textured plastics such as Polypropylene & Polyethylene.
  • Polyonics nylon label materials peaked the interest of many visitors for cold storage applications. The XF-302 is a new low cost nylon cloth label material designed to survive in cryogenic environments at a temperature as low as -196C. This material is flexible and contours to rounded surface and can also be used as a flag label in electrical applications.
  • High temperature printed circuit board labels based on our Thermogard technology strengthens Polyonics position as a global leader in the electronics industry. The XF-581 (1mil), XF-781 (antistatic), XF-582 (2mil) and XF-782 (antistatic) semi-gloss polyimide products are durable solutions for component and board identification.
  • Other promotions included the XF-603 (PI) and XF-604 (PET) label materials with flame retardant properties.  Both have been recognized to meet the specifications set by UL and the Federal Aviation Regulation.

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