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Twin Rivers Paper Company Expands Its Label Footprint

Launches a Heavyweight Label for Food and Beverage Applications.

Twin Rivers Paper Company, a leader in lightweight specialty packaging, label and publishing papers, expands its reach in the label market with its Alliance® WS in 60 lb. Designed for large glass and plastic containers used in beverage, condiment and food applications, this paper offers customers a label substrate that brings excellent printability and runnability throughout the supply chain.
“Our goal is to provide our food and beverage customers with a label paper that makes their brand stand out, while ensuring consistent quality and durability from the converter to the consumer,” says Dave Deger, Director of Business Development and Marketing.
Alliance® WS 60 is part of a comprehensive portfolio of wet-strength solutions. Products also include full and partial wet-strength labels with basis weights of 37, 39, 44, 47 and 51 lb. With a bias towards co-development, Twin Rivers offers an experienced technical team and cutting-edge research labs, providing the expertise and manufacturing know-how to develop the right label solution.