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Videojet Technologies Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing and laser mar king products, fluids and accessories for the product identification industry, today introduced the new Videojet 3020 laser coder, which is ideal for simple marking and coding applications in the consumer packaged goods and industrial products markets. The 10-Watt CO2 laser coder applies high quality codes at low to medium speeds and with minimal operating costs. The affordable and compact single-box design allows for maximum ease-of-use, simple application set-up, quick installation and uncomplicated line changes.

“The Videojet 3020 laser coder meets the needs of customers with simple code requirements such as serial numbers, time and date and other codes in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic, and industrial products industries,” says Markus Vetter, product manager for CO2 laser systems at Videojet. “The new laser coder has been designed for the most cost-sensitive package coding applications that require high quality marks.”


Videojet 3020 2 

The new Videojet 3020 codes both stationary and moving products while delivering alpha numeric text, simplified Chinese fonts, Eastern and Western European language fonts, variable

data (serial numbers, date, time, shift code, GS1), ID matrix and bar codes, logos, symbols and graphical elements. The laser coder marks on various labels, cardboard and carton packages, paper, plastics, glass and wood. Depending on the lens used, mark field sizes up to 126 x 87 mm (5” x 3.4”) are available. Setting up an application, a line and print parameters, as well as creating jobs are easy and take only a few minutes.

Videojet 3020 1


The 3020 laser marking system can be installed and integrated either as a stand-alone solution using the mobile stand or directly into the line with mounting brackets. The compact design allows for installations even when space is at a premium. At 7 kg (15.4 lbs), the system is one of the lightest in its class. Additional key features follow:

  • Job creation, parameter settings, line setups and system configuration can be managed with the touch-control unit.
  • All tasks are accessed directly through intuitive icons and a job preview is always visible to the operator.
  • Various password-protected security levels are available.
  • Troubleshooting is a simple matter of pressing a button while an integrated help menu is available for key functions.
  • A keypad built directly into the marking system allows for quick access to start and stop buttons.

The standard configuration consists of the laser, scanner, lens, controller, I/O panel, built-in keypad, mechanical focus finder, product detector and the touch-control unit. A mobile floor stand, beam shields, exhaust units, encoder, mounting brackets and additional fonts are optional. The Videojet 3020 laser coder and its user interface are configurable in 19 different languages.

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