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Colored Polyimide Label Materials for Printed Circuit Board Tracking

colored polyimide labels Using colored labels to quickly identify parts on mass production runs helps to manage inventory and save time & money.

Polyonics has developed a series of colored polyimide labels, for manufacturers looking to color code production/process lines.  These labels survive lead-free wave soldering processes on the top and bottom side of the board.

Our colored polyimide labels are coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and high opacity, medium gloss topcoat.  These labels are available in 6 tinted colors; pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and violet.

Each material is thermal transfer printable and can be scanned with both visible and IR scanners.  Barcode labels made from Polyonics colored polyimide label materials demonstrate excellent performance in lead free wave solder environments which range in temperature from 260C to 290C.  Typical applications include:

  • PCB identification
  • Inventory control
  • Line differentiation
  • Component tracking

To receive technical information and samples of these innovative products, please contact a technical expert at



  1. Thanks for creating this great informational resource.

  2. At Stranco Inc. we fully agree that when you are using polyimide labels for circuit boards or any product that needs a high temperature label or a high performance label, you need to be careful on who you go with. You cannot just shop around and look for the best price, that can come around and hurt you. You should really stay with companies that back up their product like Brady or Stranco. I found a site that Stranco owns that sells Polyimide Thermal Transfer Labels and looks like they have a decent price margin as well.


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