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Customer Demand Grows for KODAK DIGIMASTER HD Digital Production Systems

Commercial printers, publishers and data centers have embraced the new KODAK DIGIMASTER HD Digital Production Platform for black-and-white production printing. Since the launch in early 2012, the high-performance systems have been installed around the globe and built a reputation for efficiently and flexibly producing a wide range of customer applications, including books, transactional documents and direct mail pieces.

Due to the DIGIMASTER Platform’s exceptional productivity and offset-class-quality imaging, many high-volume monochrome production printers are opting to install multiple models. The HD300 model, with a rate of 300 ipm, appears to be the most popular choice, however the HD Series also includes two other robust options: the HD125 and HD150, with respective speeds of 125 ipm and 150 ipm.


Kodak Digimaster

“Many of our customers who initially upgraded to the HD Platform earlier in the year have already placed second orders. Printers are utilizing the system to produce a wide array of critical applications, and the quality they are able to achieve on the new KODAK DIGIMASTER HD System is outstanding,” said Greg Gresock, Kodak’s Director of Marketing for Electrophotographic Solutions. “The HD Platform is proving to be ideal for supporting the tight registration, ink permanence, performance and reliability requirements of monochrome variable printing. One of our longstanding KODAK DIGIMASTER System customers is even using the HD Platform to produce scratch-off lottery gaming applications. Printers see the DIGIMASTER HD System as a great way to elevate their company’s capabilities and volume thresholds to an even higher standard.”

The DIGIMASTER HD Platform delivers the same reliability that earlier generations of DIGIMASTER Presses are known for, but features innovative enhancements for more streamlined performance.


Kodak Digimaster EX150

The platforms’ advanced fusing system design helps to reduce maintenance costs by improving uptime, particularly when using preprinted media. With a smaller toner particle size and improvements in the imaging components and software, the HD Series can also achieve enhanced rendering of graphics and photo images with 25 percent higher yield per toner bottle. Helping to improve operational efficiency and the bottom line, the enhanced imaging capability also allows printers to produce more sellable sheets while requiring less prepress file preparation.

The DIGIMASTER HD Platform offers efficient paper handling and supports a wide variety of substrates and an extensive paper supply. With optional modular finishing components, printers can easily upgrade their current system for added versatility to grow their business as their customers’ needs change.

“The DIGIMASTER HD System has brought Kodak’s successful DIGIMASTER Platform to the next level,” said Gresock. “With the latest enhancements, customers will be able to make the most out of their investments and differentiate their printing capabilities through higher-value jobs. The HD Series is a great example of how Kodak is committed to helping its customers achieve both greater profitability and client satisfaction with its latest digital printing solutions.”