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Dow Corning features problem-solving innovations at TLMI Annual Meeting 2012

Dow Corning Corporationannounced that its Pressure Sensitive Industry team will exhibit at the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (TLMI) annual meeting from October 21-24 in Naples, Florida.

Dow Corning (located at Table 33) will be featuring the Syl-Off® Advantage Series — a unique group of low-platinum, solventless silicone release products with the proven ability to enhance line speed and improve coating performance. As the market continues to increase in demand for liner performance in terms of release after die-cutting and label dispensing to avoid web breaks, as well as the need for a very flat release profile release coating while remaining cost-effective, Dow Corning has developed Syl-Off® SL 181 Coating and Syl-Off® SL 581 Coating. These products will allow for a flat release profile, robust cure at very low platinum levels, and flexibilityin formulating and inhibitor choice.

“Due to its lower platinum content, the Syl-Off® Advantage Series system can reduce platinum costs by up to 15 percent, as well as exposure to unpredictable swings in platinum metal prices, in many applications,” said Christian A. Velasquez, Dow Corning’s global market director for the Pressure Sensitive Industry. “As an extension of the Syl-Off® Advantage Series, the Syl-Off® SL 181 Coating and Syl-Off® SL 581 Coating are low-cost, solventless, silicone release coating products designed to help you reduce your vulnerability to cost swings without sacrificing performance.”

Dow Corning’s global Pressure Sensitive Industry team focuses on developing innovative solutions that help manufacturers and converters solve problems, take advantage of new opportunities and improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability of their products and operations. Dow Corning offers a comprehensive line of proven specialty silicon-based release coatings and adhesives for pressure-sensitive applications. Products are available worldwide. Local technical support and customer service are available globally as well.


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