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GIDUE proudly pioneers the Digital Flexo™ technology

Nowadays, in the constantly demanding labels and packaging market, where customers persistently ask for the best quality, efficiency and profitability, GIDUE has introduced a visionary concept for the flexographic printing: the Digital Flexo™ technology.


Everything started in 2005, when GIDUE first industrialized the Print Tutor™ model, applied first to the mid-web and offset multi-process machines and then (March 2010) to the flexographic ones.



Print Tutor adjustments:

1) less pressure and out of register

2) good pressure and Register (correct one)

3) too much pressure and out of register


From that starting point, the evolution went on with the Digital Flexo™ technology, introduced for the first time in September 2011, at the Label Expo Bruxelles. On that occasion, GIDUE proposed a new vision for the labels and packaging industry, made of flexographic presses with fully automated print pressure and lateral and cross register. For the first time, in the narrow-web flexo industry, the press automatically runs the printing process, substituting the operator (also of the less technically skilled one) hands and eyes: HD digital cameras (Print Tutor™) set on each printing unit “read” and manage the print pressure, the colour density and the image register, servo-adjusting them, in order to achieve superior printing outcomes.



GIDUE Digital Flexo technology


With the introduction of the Digital Flexo™ the machine ensures higher printing quality and significant waste reduction (less than 20 meters for the 8 colours set up), since everything is digitalized; this allows the press operator to better focus on achieving the best outcomes, also during operational production phases (such as speed and roll changes,…).



Mini-Servo pressure adjustments


Thus, a Digital Flexo™ press is also able to avoid mistakes in file management.

With this absolutely innovative expertise, GIDUE reconfirms its technological leadership in the flexographic scenario.

Digital Flexo™ is the future for flexographic printing in the label and packaging industry, especially in terms of waste and production time reduction, providing incomparable and unprecedented quality standards.