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iSys Label Announces Partnership with Impressions Technology Europe



iSys Label is proud to announce their partnership with UK-based Impressions Technology Europe. The two manufacturers have paired up iSys Label’s newest digital label printer, the EDGE 850, with the Eclipse LF3 Digital Cutter to create a one of a kind solution for the short run label market. As of September 2012, iSys Label is the sole distributor for the Eclipse LF3 in North America.


The Eclipse LF3 Digital Cutter is a label finishing system that delivers accurate single point registration cutting with lamination, waste matrix removal, slitting and rewind system. Designed for the short run label market, the LF3 complements the EDGE 850 and allows for a complete workflow solution. “The demand for finishing equipment has intensified, especially in the digital environment. Pairing iSys’s label printing technology with the LF3 finishing system results in a finished label that looks great but is also protected from the elements and has extra durability for repeat handling,” said Mark Hopkins, President of iSys Label.


The EDGE 850 is a desktop label printer that was developed for the short run label market and can print on a variety of die-cut, kiss-cut or roll substrates. This innovative label press is easy to operate using the EDGE2Print software and auto adjusting form synchronization rewinder system, allowing operations to stage a job in minutes so you can say goodbye to ordering huge quantities of pre-printed labels. Designed for in-house production of labels, users will be capable of printing 2000 labels in less than 20 minutes and have the finished roll ready for immediate application or second stage finishing using the LF3.

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iSys Label is the innovative developer and manufacturer of short to mid run digital label printers that deliver production quality labels print after print. Our focus is on developing customized product configurations to fit our customers’ needs and provide effective solutions that meet their highest expectations.