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KODAK Intelligent Prepress Manager 2.0 Provides Automated Monitoring on Additional Platemaking Systems

KODAK Intelligent Prepress Manager 2.0 (iPM 2.0) provides flexibility and control to manage prepress operations from anywhere, driving improved efficiency and profitability. Available for commercial printing, publishing, and packaging professionals, iPM 2.0 is a monitoring solution with enhanced features and mobile connectivity, giving users more control over their CTP and plate line systems for added productivity, monitoring and faster problem resolution.

“Kodak offers a wide variety of proven, robust platesetters and plates, and now with iPM 2.0, users can get even more from their prepress investments,” said Richard Rindo, Kodak’s General Manager of Worldwide Graphics Marketing and Vice President, Graphics, Entertainment & Commercial Films. “Having the ability to access, monitor and take control of your prepress system—no matter where you are—can easily help a company increase its profitability. It’s all about efficiency, and that’s where iPM 2.0 really shines.”

Already available for the KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter and KODAK MAGNUS VLF Platesetter, iPM 2.0 is now available for the KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 Platesetter and the new KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter. Support for additional KODAK CTP devices will be coming later this year.

Intelligent Prepress Manager 2.0 includes equipment monitoring and reporting for complete plate lines, enabling users to make more proactive, data-driven decisions. With smart alerts in place, users can achieve and maintain the peak quality of their prepress system at all times while optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Utilizing the mobile functionality of the solution, users can take advantage of 24/7 access to their prepress systems, allowing for the ultimate flexibility of managing production and monitoring performance from any location. To minimize interruptions and safeguard critical operations, the suite also features a business continuity module. Users can be assured that their CTP system files can be restored quickly.

“With iPM 2.0, our customers can optimize their prepress system. By eliminating the need for constant manual checking of your platesetting equipment, printers can free up their operators to work on higher-value tasks, ultimately driving costs down and productivity up,” said Assaf Zach, Kodak’s General Manager of Worldwide Graphics Service & Support and Vice President, Graphics, Entertainment & Commercial Films. “That kind of control and data gathering, on a mobile platform, is good for business and the bottom line.”