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Meech launches new static bar and ionised cleaning system during Pack Expo 2012


Meech International has chosen PACK EXPO International (booth #3214, Oct 28th – 31st, Chicago) as the platform to showcase its brand new static elimination bar, the Hyperion 971 – designed for labelling, packaging and converting applications – and the IonRinse™, an ionised air rinsing system specifically tailored to the food and beverage industry.
“The decision to update our range of static elimination equipment is a direct result of customer feedback,” explains Business Unit Director for static control, David Rogers. “A lot of our devices are employed in dusty environments, where airborne contaminants can seriously affect the performance of the ionising bars. We made sure the design of the Hyperion 971 would minimise the effects of contamination to meet the needs of our packaging customers.”
Business Unit Director for cleaning systems, Adam Battrick elaborates instead on the reasons that led Meech to design the IonRinse™, an alternative to traditional cleaning methods adopted in the food and beverage sectors. “These industries consume significant volumes of water in their applications,” explains Adam, “and while ionised compressed air systems do provide a more environmentally friendly solution, they still consume expensive energy and do not eliminate the possibility of re-contamination. With the IonRinse™, our goal is to reduce costs and improve cleaning quality.”

Hyperion 971
Featuring the reliable, pulsed DC technology used by the existing 976 bar, the Hyperion 971 has an improved design that is more resilient to the build-up of contamination which naturally occurs during use, and therefore allows for easier cleaning.
Like previous designs, the emitters can be removed for offline cleaning or can be replaced individually, without the need to substitute the whole bar. Meech has also integrated and improved the compressed air-boost system, which permits better long range performance in particularly difficult applications.

While providing very powerful ionisation performance, the 971 static bar has shockless emitters, which make it safe for operators to handle. Available in a choice of lengths of up to 4m, the bar operates up to 15KV as standard and provides highly effective long range ionisation typically from distances of 200 to 1000mm.
The Hyperion 971 is simple to use and extremely easy to install. It is ideal for label presses, rewinds, or turret rewinds in particular and is also suitable for converting machinery.

The IonRinse™ is a fan-driven system combining powerful AC ionisation, a custom-designed airflow distributor, and high-quality inner filtration. Delivered at a high velocity, filtered ionised air exits the IonRinse™ head unit via the airflow distributor and enters the container.
The control of the airflow coupled with the neutralisation of static charges releases contamination from the container inner walls. Contamination is then caught by the vacuum airflow and extracted to an inline HEPA filtration system, capable of capturing 99.99% of particles at 0.3 microns.
The IonRinse™ has been developed to provide maximum performance with ease of maintenance and cuts down on all water, chemical and compressed air costs.