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New KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter Offers Large-Format Printers a Reliable and Cost-Effective CTP Solution

Commercial and packaging printers now have a new offset CTP option for large-format printing that delivers stable and accurate imaging—the KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter. Available worldwide, the new KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter is designed to bring printers Kodak’s advanced imaging technology for an affordable overall capital investment.

“Kodak is constantly aware of the changing needs of our customers and we strive to develop both the solutions and technologies that are needed to help them become more profitable,” said Rich Rindo, Kodak’s General Manager of Worldwide Graphics Marketing and Vice President Graphics, Entertainment & Commercial Films. “This newest platesetter provides the same quality imaging that the KODAK TRENDSETTER family is known for, at a cost-effective price for large-format platemaking, enabling more printers using large-format presses—especially those in emerging markets—to utilize Kodak’s proven technology to take their printing to a higher level.”

With nearly 2,000 Very Large Format (VLF) devices installed, Kodak is an industry leader for this segment. Understanding not all printers require the same high levels of automation that the popular, fully automated KODAK MAGNUS VLF QUANTUM Platesetter provides, Kodak specifically developed the new semi-automatic KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter to offer robust capabilities at a more affordable price.

Since the TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter is optimized for use with KODAK Plates, printers can also consider incorporating KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates into their prepress operation to enjoy the added financial and environmental benefits of process free technology. Completely eliminating plate processing, SONORA XP Plates can help to increase productivity, simplify operations, and reduce the number of steps required for platemaking. These plates remove the costs associated with processing equipment and chemistry, while requiring less floor space and reducing energy consumption.

Producing high-quality output, the TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter features award-winning KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology. Delivering exceptional thermal imaging job after job, Kodak’s SQUARESPOT Technology allows printers to achieve high levels of quality and stability with both accuracy and repeatability through exceptional resolution and unique features such as thermal compensation, dynamic autofocus, and geometric compensation. Printers worldwide rely on Kodak’s platesetters with SQUARESPOT Technology to deliver consistent, high-quality printable images and stability of their plates throughout the press run to reduce plate waste and remakes.

For optimal prepress performance and print production, the KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter offers full integration with KODAK Workflow Systems and supports third-party workflow connectivity. Further adding to operational efficiency, the new platesetter has a small footprint and was designed with energy conservation in mind.

To maximize press uptime, the KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter offers a user-friendly interface and supports up to 13 languages. Making the service process even simpler, printers can also take advantage of remote support, as needed.

The TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter will be running at Kodak’s booth at Graph Expo. Additional information about the KODAK TRENDSETTER 1600 Platesetter is available on For more details on Kodak’s participation in Graph Expo 2012, please visit