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RPC Superfos Provides Cold Comfort for Dessert Maker




Swedish speciality cold desserts from SIA Glass are now on shelf in an eye-catching new container from RPC Superfos.


The Marängswiss - vanilla and chocolate flavoured ice cream with chocolate-covered meringue – is one of the favourite desserts of the Swedes.


SIA Glass produces the dessert using fresh cream and high-quality ingredients. Now the company has replaced its old thermoformed pot with an injection-moulded custom-made design from RPC Superfos.


The new design has brought distinct benefits, as the founder of SIA Glass Per Stenström sayss: "Although the shape and size of the packaging remain the same, we have obtained significant advantages with the new pot.


”We now have in-mould labelling on the top and bottom, which makes it look even better in the cold counter because the lines and colours of the decoration and text are much sharper. The new packaging is also strong and does not break easily.”


SIA Glass is also pleased with the tamper evidence of the new pot, which enhances customer safety.


Mr Stenström says there are advantages on the filling line: "Our production has become more efficient since we now have one fewer operations in our production flow – we no longer have to add a label, thanks to the in-mould labelling.

”Another plus is that every new pot has the exact same dimension, designed perfectly to our production machinery, so the new pot prevents stopped production.”