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Sealed Air Rolls Up Sleeves to Develop Cryovac® GT-1 Shrink Sleeve Label

Sealed Air today launched Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels, a hybrid film that uses multi-layer polymer technology to enhance performance and sustainability in today’s shrink sleeve applications.

Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels’ proprietary multi-layer formulation incorporates polymers in a combination that delivers the same benefits of a monolayer film, such as consistent printing quality, reverse printing capability, and high transverse direction shrink without associated drawbacks such as label brittleness, fracturing, smiles or scuffing. Multi-layer construction also results in a lower density material that enables converters to produce up to 20 percent more shrink sleeve labels per pound of film compared to existing shrink sleeve label materials.

The product features early shrink initiation and overall high shrink for a tight, secure fit even in the most challenging applications. These characteristics enable Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels to outperform other materials in a broad range of shrink sleeve applications. In addition, the unique film achieves machine direction expansion of 3 percent, which helps sleeves maintain a more consistent presentation. Printing and graphics appear as they are intended – free of distortions caused by “smiles” and “frowns” that often occur in other shrink sleeve labels and contribute to a distorted label appearance.

“The Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels have shown superior shrink performance and immense versatility” said Scott Keefauver, marketing manager, Sealed Air Shrink Packaging Solutions. “It forms a tight shrink for difficult shapes and surfaces such as highly contoured bottles with a dramatic transition to a narrow neck, and due to its unique machine direction expansion property, it also provides excellent shrink banding for product multi-packs.”

Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels exhibit high abrasion resistance and outstanding printing performance, characteristics derived from the outermost polymer layer consisting of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified (PET-G). Changeover to the product is seamless for converters already running shrink sleeve operations, as Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels are compatible with existing equipment and there is no need for special storage conditions for the raw film.

“Cryovac® GT-1 multi-layer shrink sleeve labels are designed to make it easy for converters to realize performance and sustainability advantages,” said Keefauver. “This product is a drop-in solution for converters, requiring no changes to printing, converting or application equipment and processes. In addition, brand presentation is enhanced at retail by minimizing or even eliminating label smiles and frowns.”

Applications for Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels include a variety of general purpose shrink sleeve packaging uses, from full body beverage labels to pharmaceutical tamper bands to health and beauty product multi-packs.

For more information about Cryovac® GT-1 shrink sleeve labels, converters can visit