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iSys Label Announces Impresoras Digitales as a Chilean Distributor for the EDGE 850 & APEX 1290

iSys Label is proud to announce Impresoras Digitales as a new distributor for the EDGE 850 & APEX 1290 in South America. A partnership agreement was signed at the end of July between iSys Label, the Canadian-based manufacturer and Impresoras Digitales. Located out of Santiago, Chile, Impresoras Digitales will be providing customers with superior quality and service with iSys Label solutions for the short run, continuous label printing market.


The EDGE 850 is a digital label press solution printing at speeds up to 9.14 meters/minute (30ft/minute/6ips) for short run label production on a variety of die cut or roll substrates. This innovative label press is easy to operate, so you can say goodbye to ordering huge quantities of pre-printed labels. Designed for in-house production of labels, users will be capable of printing 2000 labels in less than 20 minutes and have the finished roll ready for immediate application.


“iSys is pleased to announce the appointment of our new distributor in Chile. They’re a full service and sales organization with excellent customer service skills and I’m very excited to add them to our team,” says Randy Rickert, Director of iSys Label.