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Persistently high raw material prices forcing printing-ink manufacturers to act

Despite short-term volatility over the course of the past two years, the prices of raw materials used in the production of printing inks have climbed to new record levels. At present, and also in view of the gloomy economic outlook, it can be safely assumed that these price levels will not be seeing any sustained downturn in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, increasing energy costs and rising transport and logistics costs – linked to the price of crude oil – are intensifying the continually high cost pressures that are putting such a strain on Europe's printing-ink manufacturers.

"We are no longer in a position to offset this enormous increase in costs in almost all areas and still meet the high demands with respect to quality and service", says Heiner Klokkers, Group Managing Director Europe at hubergroup in Munich, Germany.

The hubergroup will therefore be adjusting the price of its printing inks in Europe with effect from 1 January 2013.

"We have already been working intensively on increasing our productivity and optimising our internal processes. However, since there appears to be no end in sight to high costs and we want to continue providing the level of quality and service our customers are accustomed to and expect of us, we find ourselves compelled to pass on a portion of these costs to our clients", Klokkers bemoans.

About the Hubergroup:

The hubergroup is one of the world’s leading specialists for printing inks, coatings and press room chemistry, currently comprising 40 companies and more than 150 sites. The successful, family-owned enterprise with nearly 250 years of experience and expertise, manufactures high-quality products for packaging, commercial and news printing. With its 3600 employees, the group has realised a turnover of approximately 825 million Euro in 2011.

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