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Polyonics and Kyzen Team Up for PCB Label Durability Study


Polyonics, a global leader in high performance label materials for PCB tracking applications, recently conducted a benchmarking of its polyimide label materials against Kyzen’s AQUANOX product line.  Each label material was subjected to four passes through spray-in-air cleaning machines to determine coating & ink permanency, and label adhesion in reflow and non-reflow environments.

Results from extensive compatibility testing show that Kyzen has explicitly confirmed Polyonics’ exceptional label performance to Kyzen’s AQUANOX® precision cleaning chemistry line of products.

“Cleaning chemistries and fluxes can be harsh on bar code images” noted Bob McGilvery, Product Manager for Polyonics. “As a leader in PCB label material it is our job to keep up with what’s new in the industry and make sure we maintain the high quality performance of Polyonics products in any harsh environment.”

Kyzen Corporation, based in Nashville, Tennessee offers an industry best-in-class, AQUANOX product line that is versatile and environmentally friendly while providing the lowest cost of ownership. This innovative line is the leader in electronic precision cleaning because of its continuous success in cleaning all types of soils including but not limited to lead-free, OA, and RMA pastes and fluxes. These award-winning cleaning chemistries have been thoroughly tested on the latest Polyonics label technologies with great success.

Polyonics polyimide label materials are designed for barcode or alphanumeric identification of PCBs or related electronic components. Barcode labels made from these polyimide materials demonstrate excellent performance in RoHS (“lead-free”) wave solder environments on either the top or bottom side of the board which range from 260º to 290ºC (500°- 554°F).

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