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San Bennedeto chooses CCL labels


The image of mineral water has clearly changed over the past few years. Water is inherently healthy, zero calories and therefore fully in tune with modern consumer requirements. Choosing the right label is a top priority when pitching a brand in this key market.
Continuous growth and interest has been noticed over the past years and brand owners have gained fundamental understanding and perception of Pressure Sensitive Labels over wet glue. The benefits of being technically advanced as well as being fully flexible in developing great shelf appeal and visual improvement is self-evident. Pressure Sensitive Labels deliver economic and environmental advantages too and just demonstrate the best contemporary labeling technology.

A wide range of material substrates and technologies enhanced with CCL´s printing capabilities offer an outstanding range of choice and flexibility throughout product developments and final visual appearance on the POS. It does not always have to be transparent, PS, either with clear areas or fully printed with tactile, embossing or special effects is evidently more sophisticated and attractive compared to wet glue. Look and see the impressive range of developments which are “clearly“ attractive upgrading your brands or to re-style your market presence with an improved consumer detection.



After many years using paper labels, San Benedetto has changed to highly transparent self-adhesive labels by CCL LABEL.
The Labels are applied on one-way and returnable bottles of  Acqua Minerale San Benedetto Naturale, Frizzante and Leggermente Frizzante for the markets Italy, USA, Canada, Far East and Europe


Together with the new glass bottle the stunning perspective-label with see-through-effect upgrades the product clearly: The modern and distinctive design of the label creates fantastic visual effects. The transparent window in the middle of the front label allows a view through the label to see the logo of San Benedetto which is printed on the backside of the backlabel. Futhermore the clear label material underlines the purity of the water. The ultratransparent label combined with the intensity of the colours create an elegant and exquisite appearance which supports the brand image.
The Labels were reverse printed in gravure to protect the surface. The colours are embedded and don‘t pollute the water during the washing process. The WashOff labels for the returnable bottles are printed on PET. Gravure printing allows high graphic results, high gloss colours and metallic effects.


Isbre Holding, headquartered in Montvale, N.J., is a producer, distributor and marketer of bottled and bulk water. Isbre‘s source is a spring located in the glacier region at the end of the Hardanger Fjord on the West Coast of Norway.

With the use of  combination printing CCL has been able to give the label for the 0,5 l PET bottle more crisp and clean graphics to transport better the product´s quality.


Zagori is one of the Greek leading brands in bottled water. To achieve the highest on-shelf impact for the brand with the optimum solution in visual, sensual and premium decoration Zagori switched from paper wet glue labels to CCL Labels WashOff Label.
The labels for the 1,0 l returnable glass bottle can be removed in standard washing machines without changing the existing infrastructure and the washing process. The removing process of the labels is quick and clean - all inks and adhesives stay on the label and don’t pollute the water bath. In comparison with wet glue labels the wash bath solution can be used up to twice the length of time before being changed.

The outcome of this is a reduction of water-, chemical- and energy-consumption which lowers the carbon footprint and has a positive effect on the eco-balance.

About CCL Labels

CCL Label passionately works with you to deliver true innovation and groundbreaking solutions for the optimal packaging of your product. With its global set-up CCL offers to the beverage industry pressure sensitive labels, shrink and stretch sleeves in any kind of printing technique. The company’s global footprint enables CCL to service customers within proximity around the world. Many multinational companies appreciate the benefit of harmonised product and service levels and the ease of doing business with one partner for multiple markets.