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Wintek Labels, Bengaluru achieves HD Certification

Wintek Flexo Prints, a leading Indian label printer and converter has achieved the HD Certification from Esko by upgrading its flexo equipment, software and processes to makes plates of higher quality for more consistent print than the standard digital flexo plates that it made earlier.

Hoshi Deboo, President, Esko Asia Pacific conferred the HD Certification to the leading Indian label printer Wintek Flexo Prints in Bangalore on September 28, 2012. Hoshi Deboo highlighted “Wintek is a valued partner which is always interested in upgrading to meet the tough quality expectations of their global customers and we are delighted to provide Wintek, Esko’s innovative solutions to meet the best in class global requirements”

On this occasion, Gururaj Ballarwad, managing partner Wintek said, “Meeting the demand for high quality labels was challenging in an industry where print buyers (CPC/FMCG) are informed about what to expect in a market that is globalised. HD Flexo from Esko came in very handy to Wintek as a natural progression to the investments made in prepress few years back. We have seen enormous improvement in the quality of labels and most importantly achieved consistent production. Esko has been our trusted prepress partner as they connect with the needs of a printer and have the solutions to overcome the limitations in flexo printing.”

HD Flexo by Esko combines 4000 dpi HD optics with unique printing screening technologies to achieve sharper and more accurate imaging on CDI imaging devices. The high-resolution optics deliver sharper imaging of text and lines and more clearly defined, better shaped screen dots. The higher resolution imaging on the CDI creates a textured surface on the plate, improving ink lay-down and increasing ink density on the final print. The result is improved image richness and contrast especially helpful for reproduction with white underprints and for Pantone colors.

Wintek Labels is a long time Esko customer with an Esko CDI 2530 with in-line UV curing and workflow software consisting of DeskPack, Flexotools, Plato, FlexRip that will be upgraded to Esko’s Suite 12 shown at drupa. Wintek has in addition, upgraded their DuPont flexo plate solvent processor to DuPont’s Thermal Fast processor.