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Clondalkin Group Company Wentus has achieved ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 environmental credentials.

Based in Germany, Wentus is widely regarded as the market leader in the supply of biodegradable films through the companies advanced range of variant products to this growing market.


Sustainability and environmental stewardship are core values within Wentus and the adoption of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 enable a framework for the ongoing monitoring and improvement in process efficiency and energy, providing another signal to the market place of the company’s serious intentions to continue reducing environmental impact.


A six-month partnership with environmental management specialists, Professor Dr. Manfred Sietz and Thorsten Rudolph from the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe - University of Applied Sciences with senior management support and buy in from all areas of the business allowed a swift accreditation process.


Wentus Managing Director Jörg Söhngen said “Our customers are increasingly alert to sustainable processes and packaging solutions and we are delighted to be leading the market with our products but also the processes we employ and our approach to energy management. Having environmental ethics at the core of our business supported by these new certifications means that our customers can be confident that our business is the right choice for a partnership that delivers quality product and helps to reduce their environmental impact.”


Commenting on the project, Professor Sietz said “It is critically important that business leaders take this approach to environmental management. Working with Wentus was a very rewarding experience and the vigor with which they approached the project was encouraging. The certifications formalise their business approach to the market and make them a credible partner for companies wishing to form partnerships that reduce environmental impact.”