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Edale sell another Alpha into Germany

The latest installation is at a new customer to Edale, Frank-Etikettendruck, based in 42655 Solingen. Frank-Etikettendruck specialise in short/medium run jobs, flexibility and short delivery times and have customers from the automotive, food medical and pharma industries locally in Germany, as well as international.


Adam Frank, Owner of Frank-Etikettendruck, says “Our turnover has increased, on average, by 30% annually since I started the company back in 2004. An increased workforce meant we required a bigger space. We are due to move into our new factory in early January 2013 and a new machine investment was the next step”.

edale Herr & Frau Frank alongside their architect and the plans for their new factory

Whilst Frank-Etikettendruck were a new customer, the relationship between Frank and Edale goes back for a number of years; Adam Frank previously worked at a label printing company in Solingen, where he ran Edale presses so when the time came for him to set up on his own, Edale were the company he immediately thought of.


The company had been looking at the Edale range of machines for some time, and eventually decided on the compact five colour UV Alpha flexopress because of its small footprint, high quality print and ability to produce short to medium run labels and ticketing substrates from 50 – 250 microns, with minimum waste. Herr Frank continues “With the set up of the press, this allowed us short lead times which is increasingly important to us. The decision to purchase the Alpha was easy based on the specification and features but also due to the machine cost.”

Bernhard Grob, Edale’s Export Sales Director concludes “We are really pleased to have completed the sale and installation into such a reputable company as Frank-Etikettendruck. The fact that we can also use their new factory as a reference site to showcase the Edale Alpha press is great news”.