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Fiordo boosts quality and wins new business with Xeikon

Fiordo, an Italian graphics and creative agency based in Galliate, Italy, has enhanced the quality of its output and made production runs more efficient and cost effective after investing in the Xeikon 6000. The company, which has 50 employees and a turnover of around 10 million Euros, counts Mondadori and Sole24Ore among its customer base. Fiordo is using the Xeikon 6000 for direct mail promotions, personalized mailings and other applications, such as manuals and catalogues. The system is equipped with the Web Finishing Module for simple and fast post-print processing. Xeikon’s Print Service Providers program offers an entry level way to step into full color variable data printing.


Combining technologies delivers the best results

Fiorenzo Donati, founder of Fiordo, explained the decision to invest in digital technology: "In the early years, we focused on black and white transactional web applications. Then in 2008, we decided to enter the world of digital color printing and installed a digital color sheet press.”

Donati was impressed with the benefits afforded by digital. However, he believed that a mix of conventional and digital printing systems was crucial, as it would allow the company to better manage its order book and operate more efficiently and cost effectively. So in 2011 Fiordo increased its production capabilities by acquiring Gasa, a company which has five, six, eight and ten-color web presses. Having more options at its disposal allows Fiordo to choose the process most appropriate for the customer and the business.



Fiordo_team from left to right: Antonino Virga, Fiorenzo Donati, Ivan Ottobon


Choosing the right system to spur growth

Today, Fiordo offers a wide range of services, including direct marketing, print on demand, variable data, transactional and mass mailings. The company needed a system that could handle color variable data applications because its customers wanted to produce new, more targeted communications, and had higher expectations regarding integrity, quality, formats, substrates and volume.

Donati comments: "Xeikon understood our need to manage fast-moving, complex marketing campaigns while at the same time making such jobs more cost-efficient. We chose the Xeikon 6000 because it’s one of the best systems on the market for this type of application.” Donati has been impressed with the Xeikon 6000’s reliability and output. It delivers a resolution of 1200 dpi, and gets through millions of A4 pages a month, thanks to its exceptional uptime.

The fact that the Xeikon 6000 is a web machine was also important for Donati: "Our set-up includes a number of litho web machines. We can now switch orders between traditional and digital printing, allowing our customers to benefit from the practical advantages of digital technology."


Xeikon 6000 delivers high-end productivity

The Xeikon 6000 is equipped with a one-pass duplex printing system. It can print in perfect synchrony and precision on both sides of the substrate, on a wide variety of materials up to a maximum thickness of 350gsm. The system operates at up to 12m per minute.

LED technology ensures outstanding accuracy and produces top-quality images with sharp detail and smooth tonal transitions. In addition, the electrophotographic dry toner technology allows conventional substrates to be used without coating or pre-treatment, and keeps the paper de-inkable and fully recyclable even after printing.


Winning business and increasing customer satisfaction

Since installing the Xeikon 6000, Fiordo has won new customers and increased loyalty among its existing client base, thanks to the improved quality and range of services it now offers. "We’ve no doubt that we chose the right system,” concludes Donati. “We know this not only because of the impact it has had on our business, but also because of the excellent feedback we get from customers.”