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Pernod Ricard promotes the return of absinthe with a pinch of innovation.

Assenzio Ricard

Banned in 1915 due to its alleged power to cause hallucinations, the "green fairy", a liqueur created in 1805 from an infusion of green anise and fennel, has made its comeback in 2012, thanks to Pernod Ricard. The strategic repositioning of the beverage began with a new campaign based on the classic tasting ritual and on the combination of design and liqueur. For the presentation, the Brand's designer has created an entire collection of tasting accessories ranging from glasses to spoons, from fountains to sprayers, all strictly in a vintage style, evoking an era when design was yet to be recognised as such.



The final labelling of the product was taken care of by P.E. LABELLERS, thanks to a state of the art self-adhesive labelling machine. Pernod Ricard is a well-established P.E. LABELLERS client and, thanks to Omme France's commitment and cooperation, from 2000 to date, it has installed six labelling machines in the French facilities alone.