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The suitability of PET for sauces and condiments has been underlined by the introduction of one of Italy’s leading Passata brands from Conserve Italia, Cirio, in a barrier PET bottle from APPE.


The new bottle provides an ambient shelf life of 18 months – comparable with Cirio’s current glass bottles – but is also able to offer the combination of excellent clarity and light weight. This enables the product to be effectively displayed for maximum on-shelf impact while offering ease of handling and pouring for the consumer. The high resistance to shattering is also a valuable safety benefit in the kitchen environment.


In addition, the lighter weight of PET offers a further advantage for retail markets as it means the bottle can be offered in a multi-pack format. The APPE bottle incorporates the company’s pioneering Bind-Ox™ technology to give the Passata its extended shelf life. Bind-Ox™ is an active barrier that traps oxygen and binds it into the bottle wall, thus preventing it from reaching the product. The bottle echoes the design of the existing glass format to ensure brand consistency and recognition on shelf. The bottle will be aseptically filled at Conserve Italia.


In addition to Yoga and Derby brands, the new PET bottle extends the working partnership between APPE and Conserve Italia to the famous tomato Cirio brand.


“PET’s combination of light weight and on-shelf appeal makes it the ideal material for a huge variety of food products, where an attractive appearance and maximum convenience are critical factors in generating a quality image and favourable consumer perceptions,” comments Michel Goovaerts of APPE.


“We are confident this introduction will show strong consumer support for the new pack format.”