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Polyimide Labels by ImageTek will Improve Quality & Productivity

PCB Labelling

With  evolving  global trends in electronics manufacturing increasing the demand for high performance materials , ImageTek Labels  manufactures custom label solutions that will survive temperatures up to 1000F (538C). These labels offer superior chemical resistance and meet various ANSI standards of compliance. ImageTek Labels, a nationwide leader in the conversion of polyimide films, has engineered some of the most durable polyimide labels on the market, for use in flexible electronics, PCB fabrication and assembly as well as subcomponent and subsystem device marking.


ESD Labels for PCB Manufacturing

Used by electronics manufacturing engineers and OEM’s around the globe, polyimide labels by ImageTek provide excellent readability, while meeting various challenges found in PCB design, assembly, inventory and testing. The failure to utilize the right label for electronic assembly has a direct effect on your product quality and productivity.  Underperforming materials contribute to low product yield, line shut downs, high rework ratios, inventory mismanagement, and can cast a shadow on the integrity of your product.


ImageTek Labels supplies a wide variety of high temperature, electro-static dissipative and halogen-free and flame retardant labels. We understand the challenge of meeting compliance standards as set forth by ANSI and NEMA Class H requirements. ImageTek Labels will help you to label your PCB’s and sub-assemblies correctly, secure your product and support your business by providing REACH and RoHS complaint polyimide products that are dimensionally stable in ultra-high temperature environments.


Our Survivor Series Polyimide Product Line is used for Common PCB Applications such as…

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Thermal masks for gold fingers
  • Thermal Insulation for electrical motors
  • Electrical Insulation between Flex Circuits and components.
  • Dielectric Gaskets
  • Thermal barrier for PCB’s
  • High Temperature masking
  • Component Cover-Ups
  • ID, Track & Trace, WIP,  inventory and Quality Procedures

ImageTek Labels is a Vermont based business located in the heart of the Precision Valley; we assure a quick turn-around and brilliantly resilient label products. Please see the enclosed label packet containing some of our specialty polyimide films and specifications to answer any questions you might have.