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PRESSURE-SENSITIVE MATERIALS: A market update on adhesive technologies and end uses

AWA Alexander Watson Associates has published a global market study which reports on adhesives, and their inherent technologies, for use in pressure-sensitive materials: Global Adhesive & Adhesive Technology Assessment for Pressure-sensitive Materials 2012. A new addition to the AWA portfolio of in-depth studies of the pressure-sensitive materials market – labeling, large-format graphics, tapes, medical and hygiene applications – the study is an up-to-date reference source for all pressure-sensitive materials producers, whatever their specialty.




The challenges of high raw material costs, increasing competition, price pressures, and the global economic situation are driving the development of adhesives that will deliver comparable performance at lower coat weights and faster coating speeds. The largest-volume application for pressure-sensitive adhesive is tapes -- and the market for mechanical fastener replacement by these products is still dynamic. Most high-specification tape applications still require solvent-based adhesives for their performance characteristics, but the majority of ‘day to day’ applications in labeling, graphic arts, and non-specialist areas such as packaging use water-based adhesives. For all uses, Asia is the largest geographical consumer, with China, India, South East Asia and South America the markets that are growing fastest.






The study highlightsd these topics, examining all technologies and end-use markets in detail, and concluding with company profiles of suppliers at all levels of the value chain.


Global Adhesive & Adhesive Technology Assessment for Pressure-sensitive Materials 2012 is available now to order from the AWA website, where a detailed prospectus on its contents, and information on other relevant published reports are also available.