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The capabilities of Sidel in creative bottle design have been recognized at the most important international competition dedicated exclusively to packaging design.  As the only industrial manufacturing supplier to take part, Sidel won Silver at the Pentawards 2012. Sidel's winning concept, DailyDoseTM, is both creative and in line with the latest market trends.


Daily DoseTM


DailyDoseTM follows the move towards healthier living by offering a new way of consuming single-serve fruit on a regular basis. The innovative solution is a multipack made up of six assorted bottles reminiscent of fruit slices: a flexible concept offering one design for different products. It is ideal for on-the-go consumption as the small bottles fit into the smallest of bags. Each dose is the equivalent of a quarter-serving of fruit - thereby emphasizing the importance of regular fruit intake - packaged attractively and ready to drink for consumers. Although common in other sectors, the concept of a daily 'dose' is new to the fruit drinks market.


The bottles can be either sleeved or labeled as a standard bottle, based on a sustainable and cost-saving package concept.  As well as safe and convenient for the end-consumer, it keeps the full integrity of the package.  Indeed, due to the fact that one single label is used to build a pack of six bottles, in addition to the environmental benefits of  using less wrapping, savings of up to 60% in labeling raw materials can be made:  two-thirds of each bottle no longer require labeling.  Moreover, the whole label is pre-cut and each bottle can be removed easily without impacting on the stability of the whole pack. Finally, as the bottle remains labeled after being removed from the pack, this ensures the end-consumer will have all the information about the drink when it comes to product, flavour, vitamins, shelf life, etc.


The competition awarded prizes for two areas: graphic design and concept. Sidel's DailyDoseTM was put forward for its concept in the Beverages category. Leading design agencies also submitted designs in four other categories; Food, Body, Other Markets and Luxury. The international jury composed of world-class design and marketing experts headed by Gérard Caron, had 1200 entries to judge from 46 countries - mainlyFrance,Japan, theUSA and theUK.


Design excellence meets PET expertise

It is the third time - after the "NoBottle™" design in 2008 and the PET beer bottle in 2009 - that Sidel has won a Pentaward for one of its creative PET designs, demonstrating the strength of the company's Packaging Design Department. The team aims to reconcile aesthetic design with technical considerations such as barrier solutions or reducing the weight of bottles through proven technologies.  Each year, the team's efforts result in some 5,000 drawings of bottles and more than 450 new concepts.


Packaging & Tooling Director, Vincent Le Guen, is proud of his team's achievements: "This award demonstrates how inventive we are in packaging design as an industrial manufacturer. Customers' projects inspire our packaging designers every day. However, our having an in-house packaging design department is a must when collaborating closely with customers' design agencies or in developing our own concepts. Our packaging solutions are a skillful mix of technical expertise and creativity to better serve our customers' expectations and beyond."


Sidel's packaging design expertise stretches over 50 years, from basic bottle design to innovative and sophisticated projects. The Sidel group works with its customers from the very outset of any project. Meeting marketing representatives to discuss new design objectives, allows the company to understand customers' needs and to establish a close working relationship. In this respect, Sidel has always proposed innovative packages that consider market trends for new materials and lightweighting, creating original and eye catching shapes that help its customers to differentiate their products in a highly competitive marketplace.


To continue its success, Sidel will continue to track the constant changes and trends - industrial, technological, human and environmental - in order to be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of the market.