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The Gidue Lucky Year in China!

The Chinese calendar is based on a twelve year cycle, each year related to an animal sign. So according to the periodicity of the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the GIDUE year!


Indeed, China represents a huge market for GIDUE, since the very first year the Italian printing machines and converters manufacturer entered the Chinese market.


During the years, China constituted the perfect stage where to test the GIDUE vision, a 360° package for the Chinese label and packaging industry in continuous expansion.


Steven Fan, GIDUE China responsible, commented on this issue: “Right now the label market is so huge, and there are so many opportunities. Due to the physical presence of GIDUE CHINA as sales representative and service point in the territory, GIDUE has the actual chance to fully understand and respond to the label and packaging industry needs, getting more and more involved in providing specific solutions depending on the requirements.”


He also continued: “GIDUE has a very good perception in China and the recently introduced innovations go into that same direction: the Chinese market identifies GIDUE as product quality and reliability”.


Today, GIDUE presence in the Chinese market is solid: all installed machines have been able to satisfy printing requirements very diverse one from the other, ranging from the label business, the carton one, to the security one (indeed, in 2011 GIDUE produced and installed a very complex machine for the lottery tickets printing in Beijing) at very important Chinese printing customers.


In very recent years, those highly technological printing machines were set with the very best of GIDUE expertise: Print Tutor™, Snowball™, combined printing tool (made of offset, flexo and digital inkjet applications).


Nevertheless, the Italian manufacturer is conscious it has to employ all it potential in order to further penetrate and convince the Chinese printing and converting market.


Federico d’Annunzio, GIDUE MD, stated: “During the last years, we toughly worked for constituting a solid image of our company in the Chinese label and packaging sector, so I believe right now we have advantages to our competitors. Also in China things are evolving in this industry, so clients are more and more looking for durable efficiency and GIDUE is just there”.


In order to better support the GIDUE activity in the Chinese market, GIDUE China has recently seen some new comers into the team. Here is the successful GIDUE CHINA team:


NGI_Team China

(From  left to right)

- Rachel Su, Marketing responsible

- Sidney Pan, Technical Engineer

- Aimee Fan, Junior Marketing Specialist

- Tony Liang, South China Sales Manager

- Steven Fan, GIDUE CHINA Responsible

- Calvin Chen, Technical Engineer

- Maggie Guo, Administrative Responsible

- Allen Yin, East China Sales Manager


Source: Nuova Gidue via Duomedia