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Founded in 1854, Tanduay is considered today one of the largest distilleries in the Philippines, with more than 150 years of activity; in the late 80's, it was acquired by the Lucio Tan Group of Companies and subjected to a global modernisation process that increased the company's production capacity by as much as 50 times.


The undisputed leader in the production of alcoholic beverages in the Philippines has recently added three P.E. LABELLERS labelling machines to the already large number of installations: ten since 2004, for the Tanduay Rhum Dark, Rhum 65, Rhum E.S.Q., Embassy Whiskey, T5 Light Smooth Aged Rhum, Tanduay Superior Rhum "12 years old" and 1854 Tanduay Rhum Superior "15 years old".




Over the years, P.E. LABELLERS has offered the best of their experience and technology, and continues to do so even in 2012 by helping the customer make a leap in technology i.e., passing from the cold glue labelling system, used until now, to the self-adhesive technology with optical centring system and servomotors with integrated drive for the application of the new washable labels.


The customer's request to switch to the application of wash-off labels was determined by the remarkable flexibility of self-adhesive labelling, given the opportunity to vary the design of the labels with more modern and appealing solutions without renouncing the easy-to-peel labels provided by the cold glue technology. The result: a maximum visual impact on the shelves, greater product sustainability, lower costs in format changeovers.