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Worlds first Omet X4 Label press ordered, Installed and Commissioned at ARUNODAYA PRINT PACK PVT. LTD. Hyderabad


Hyderabad based Arunodaya Print Pack Pvt. Ltd., operating out of 70,000 square feet of production space spread over three factories has acquired the new Omet X4 label press.


The machine was ordered before Label Expo Brussels 2011 before the machine was launched, was recently installed and commissioned at their factory. Arunodaya with over 300 employees, three label presses and four sheet offset presses is a manufacturer of mono-cartons, labels and leaflets. Lead by the Varma brothers Suresh Varma and Vijay Varma, Arunodaya has an impressive mix of customer from the Liquor, Pharma and FMCG product segment.


The Omet X4 installed at Arunodaya is designed to satisfy all customers using the print cylinders, with servo-motors on each printing unit, the X4 shares the main features of the larger X6 using conventional printing cylinders. An even shorter web path and an innovative electronic register control system make this new model “the best performer” in its class. The brand new “easy change” system is unique in the market, and guarantees faster set-up and run-to-register times than any comparable printing press.


OMET is introducing these major changes to the market, so that printers using the new X4 will be able to obtain higher quality and superior product on performance than any of their competitors. The new X4 has been designed and built with one aim: to make it easier for the operator to produce top quality work on all kinds of material. Suresh Varma at Arunodaya says, “With acquisition of Omet X4, we are better equipped to meet the exacting demands of our valuable customers”.


Omet S.r.l., Italy founded by Angelo Bartesaghi in 1963, is a leading company designing and producing high-technology equipment and lines to print and fold tissue paper products, self adhesive labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging. Marked by a strong international mission, Omet draws heavily on its rich heritage. The professional excellence that has distinguished Omet since the beginning has consolidated itself throughout almost years of activity, taking the company to success at the highest market levels. The detailed specialization in the design of the machines and the ongoing commitment to utilizing new technology make Omet a leading, highly qualified and reliable partner.
The sale of this equipment has been handled by the New Delhi based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of Omet in India and surrounding countries. Pawandeep Sahni, Director Weldon States, “Arunodaya took their time to decide but aber through evaluation they were convinced, this was the equipment which met their quality aspirations, we are happy and look forward to strong relationship with Arunodaya”.