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A Presstek 75DI Digital Offset Press goes to Wausau Container

Presstek, Inc., a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, today announced that Wausau Container, a folding carton converter specializing in production of high quality folding cartons in small lot sizes, has added a Presstek 75DI digital offset press to its production portfolio. The company has 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and offsite materials storage of 30,000 square feet. Wausau Container generates about $20 million annually with about 50 employees.



“We were founded two decades ago and filled an unmet market need for smaller quantities of cartons that larger converters are not structured to address,” said Chuck Plier, President of Wausau Container. “As lot sizes for many products continue to decline and quality requirements escalate, we needed to find a press that could cost-effectively augment our flexographic production for higher quality carton work, especially those requiring line colors. The Presstek 75DI, with its larger sheet size, six colors, and inline aqueous coater was the best fit for our needs.”


Wausau Container added the Presstek 75DI to its four flexo lines that are all equipped with inline die cutting and blanking for very efficient short run operations. The company also acquired a Young Shin die cutter dedicated to work coming off the Presstek 75DI. “The 75DI’s 31” x 23.5” sheet size covers the needs of about 80% of the folding carton market,” added Plier. “It also enabled us to bring in-house a significant volume of print that we had been outsourcing on behalf of our customers.”


The Presstek 75DI is a highly automated 31” digital offset press that is available in 4- to 10-color configurations. It has a full range of productivity enhancing options, including an inline aqueous coater. The 75DI features support for 300 lpi and FM screening, the ability to go from digital file to printed sheet in six minutes, and a small environmental footprint. The press prints up to 16,000 sheets per hour.
“We are extremely pleased to be working with Wausau Container as they ramp up their digital offset production of folding cartons,” said Joe Demharter, Vice President of Sales at Presstek. “Key to their decision was the precise registration offered by the Presstek 75DI, its sheet size and its 300 line screen printing. In addition to the outsourced work they are now able to bring in house, they have been successful in gaining additional work from existing customers. And with the 75DI on the production floor, their sales staff now has something new to talk about with both customers and prospects. They have certainly had a great start with their new Presstek 75DI.”