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BOBST presents innovations in Web-Fed Printing and Converting Equipment during ICE Europe 2013

For lamination, the CL850/CL1000 multi-technology laminators and the SL 850/SL1000 solventless laminators have an accuracy of web handling control which enables production of superior quality laminated structures with the widest combination of materials, including very thin aluminium foil.


A superior web handling performance is also one of the hallmarks of the range of extrusion coating and special coating production lines.

The ROTOEXTRUDER extrusion coating & laminating machines can produce composite structures of the highest quality for flexible packaging or handle a great variety of applications in the paper and board converting industry.


Production lines like the ROTOSIL, the ROTOMELT, the ROTOTACKY and the ROTOCOAT which relate to applications in the industry segments of labelstock and release liners, adhesive tapes and pre/post metallization, also provide a remarkable flexibility in the choice of the most suitable coating technology. This always combines with an excellent accessibility to all the machine sections which makes machine make-ready and changeovers easy and fast for the operator.


Information will also be available on gravure printing presses, including latest configuration of BOBST Rotomec 4003 gravure printing lines with shaftless cylinders. The range of BOBST’s web-fed machines covers the widest spectrum of printing applications, whereby each solution is the most productive and profitable for the user.


For flexo printing, the main focus will be on the F&K 20SIX which premiered at drupa and features print widths up to 1'650 mm, repeats up to 1'200 mm, and speeds up to 600 m/min. The models of the F&K 20SIX are designed to cover the whole range of packaging printing demands. Fastest change-over capability and an array of technologies all aimed at enhancing productivity, make the F&K 20SIX an investment with an excellent return.


In the area of metalizing, a new product for this year, BOBST General Registron® Hawkeye will be presented. Hawkeye is a monitoring system that at full metallizer speed, detects, counts and categorizes pinholes and other defects from 0.1 mm upwards. Hawkeye sets the benchmark for in-process control; bringing increases in speed and final product quality. Hawkeye is available for both the K5000 and K4000.


Additionally, information on the AlOx process will be available which results in versatility as one machine (the K5000 or K4000) can be used for two processes without compromise. BOBST’s technology uses the controlled injection of oxygen into the aluminium vapour stream causing a reaction between the two elements to produce aluminium oxide (AlOx). This compound can be transparent if the process conditions are correctly controlled. The application is available for coating a wide range of films including PET, BOPP, CPP, PLA and other types of plastic films. The coated film can be used for end products including baked goods and microwaveable products.