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Compostability of Waxed-Paper Packaging: the Proof




A recent in-depth study commissioned by EuroWaxPack, the European Association of Wax Paper Packaging Materials and performed by the independent laboratory OWS (Organic Waste Systems) in Ghent (Belgium), shows that a typical waxed paper packaging material is industrially compostable according to the strict tests of EN 13432 ‘Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation’. For this study EuroWaxPack selected a widely-used twisting/folding paper coated with a formulated paraffin wax.

EN 13432 compliance

The results confirmed that the wax coated paper material tested fulfills the evaluation criteria for material characteristics, biodegration (after 75 days), disintegration (after 12 weeks), and compost quality (the material did not cause a negative effect on compost quality), which are outlined in CEN norm EN 13432. It can be concluded that wax-coated paper as tested is fully compostable, and delivers high performance in packaging for confectionery such as sweets, chocolates, and chewing gum. Users’ packaging materials can therefore also comply with EN 13432, and achieve ‘OK Compost’ and ‘Compostable’ certification.

These conclusions echo the results of earlier studies confirming EN 13432 and ‘OK Compost’ compliance conducted by individual EuroWaxPack member companies on the use of waxed paper for cheese and meat wrapping.

A sound answer to ‘end of life’ concerns

The EuroWaxPack research indeed proves that waxed paper packaging provides a sound answer to the ‘end of life’ concerns of all actors in the value chain, including consumers, since it is industrially-compostable.


About EuroWaxPack

EuroWaxPack is the European Association of Wax Paper Packaging Materials and communicates the benefits of waxed paper – a modern, high-performance, cost-effective and environmentally-sound packaging material. EuroWaxPack strives at EU level to ensure that these advantages are reflected in legislation.