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Instant cocoa moves on from cardboard to plastic

Instant cocoa moves on from cardboard to plastic

Getting hold of new distributor
To keep attracting customers and distributors and to offer a fresh, user-friendly packaging, Chocolates  Santa María decided to move on to a plastic pot from RPC Superfos, namely UniPak 1580 ml Ø 133 mm. General Manager Javier Morales explains:


“Our product sold well before, but with UniPak we hope to increase the number of distributors and thereby get an increased market share. The former packaging was a cardboard box with a metal bag inside with 1 kg of our instant cocoa. Now, we have the same amount of instant cocoa directly versed into the plastic pot from RPC Superfos. It is practical and time saving at the filling line and easy to use at home, in cafés and in catering companies.”


Javier Morales emphasises that the conical shape of UniPak means that it stacks easily whether full or empty and thereby stocking and transportation operations have been optimised. He is pleased to state that distributors have reacted positively, as they find UniPak more modern and convenient, because of the safe and tight snap-on lid. The product stays hermetically inside the packaging.


Same look on new material
The sweet instant cocoa from Chocolates Santa María has all the globally well-known virtues of cocoa, but also another quality: it is produced in a factory free of gluten, milk and nuts. This means that it is suitable for people with certain food allergies. Besides, the instant cocoa does not contain either preservatives or food colouring. The practical and user-friendly packaging now adds to these unique selling points.


The design and look of the former packaging has been kept basically unchanged, even though today, the material is completely new:

“We did not want to create any confusion on the market so we are happy about the decoration options through In-Mould Labelling which allows us to continue with the well-known design and the red colour, which is linked to our passion and dedication for more than 100 years in the business. Our popular, high quality product now comes in a modern image packaging of high quality: We like it, distributors like it and consumers like it,” Javier Morales concludes and adds that he has been very pleased with the service and quality control performed by RPC Superfos throughout the process of change.