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Polyonics Antistatic Tapes Solve ESD Problems Before they Can Damage Static Sensitive Devices

Polyonics unique antistatic tapes and films have proven effective in helping prevent ESD events in static sensitive devices (SSD). The tapes offer surface resistances at the heart of the static dissipative range—10^5 to 10^9 Ohms—that help safely dissipate triboelectric charges before they can cause ESD events. In addition, the tapes also produce very low peel voltages (<100v) when their liners are removed further protecting components from static charges.


View our ESD educational animation to learn more about the ESD problem and the Polyonics solution.

The engineered tapes and films are ultra-thin for todays' tightly toleranced components. Their durable, static dissipative topcoats allow the tapes to even protect wear surfaces from triboelectric charges.


Polyonics antistatic tapes are offered in a variety of materials and constructions and in both single and double coated configurations;

 Single coated—for protection, insulation and isolation of SSDs

Double coated—for bonding and attaching static sensitive components

The antistatic tapes are available in a wide variety of configurations with acrylic or silicone PSAs and liner selections to help optimize  each die cut operation. In addition, tapes are available with both antistatic and halogen free UL94 VTM0 flame retardant (FR) protection. Custom constructions are also readily available.


View our UL94 flame retardant test video to see how polyimide compares to PET as a flame retardant.


The tapes have found great success in many of the major industries including;

Electronics: Protecting gold fingers during wave solder while also reducing tribocharge buildup during handling/test

Medical: Static sensitive surface protection along with permanent and temporary component attachments

Aerospace: Insulation of static sensitive avionics where fire propagation must also be avoided

Printers and copiers: Dissipating static charges generated by moving mechanisms and bonding static sensitive components

IC development labs: Protecting new SSD designs while under test and prototyping antistatic  processes for eventual production environments

• Automotive: Replacing traditional conformal coating while also protecting PCBs from potentially damaging triboelectric charges


The Polyonics antistatic tapes include;

Product                     Material                     PSA                     Performances
XF-110 1 mil PI n/a static dissipative film
XT-622 1 mil PI acrylic static dissipative/low peel voltage
XT-623 2 mil PI acrylic static dissipative/low peel voltage
XT-626 1 mil PI acrylic static dissipative/FR/low peel voltage
XT-627 2 mil PET acrylic static dissipative/low peel voltage
XT-652 1 mil PI acrylic antistatic/double coated
XT-653 1 mil PI silicone antistatic/double coated
XT-663 1 mil PET (clear) acrylic antistatic/double coated
XT-703 1 mil PET (clear) n/a static dissipative film

All tapes are REACH and RoHS compliant. Polyimide tapes listed are amber in color and are also available in black. PET is white except where noted. Custom constructions are also available.